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Happy 30 Years ViewPoint !

Today we are celebrating 30 beautiful years working for the human and planet well-being, in a spirit of commitment, benevolence and so...


PPI Assays in Zebrafish

Don't miss this ! Pharmacological Validation of the Prepulse Inhibition of Startle Response in Larval Zebrafish using a Commercial Aut...


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October 26th-27th 2020 : 11th European Zebrafish Meeting 2020

Due to COVID19, the 11th European Zebrafish Meeting is held virtually. Meet us virtually, we will be delighted to chat with you about our tools for zebrafish behavior analysis to help you in your research Tools can all be customised to your needs. The meeting - 11th European Zebrafish Meeting 2020 will be covering a wide range of topics including <a href="">11th European Zebrafish Meeting 2020</a>