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Introduction to ViewPoint

Established in 1990, ViewPoint was the first to offer automated tracking of behavior for rodents. Our solutions gives access to high throughput screening, reliable data, better time and cost efficiency and ground-breaking studies. Large-scale screening studies were previously prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, now with Viewpoint’s tools, research is driven forward at an unprecedented rate.

There are many other advantages to automated behavioral tracking. Unlike manual observation behaviors are recorded consistently each time, human uncertainty is excluded.

Automated video tracking analyses precisely the image recorded and extracts quantitative measures of the animal’s behavior. These methods are particularly suitable for the measurement of locomotor behavior and activity levels.


ViewPoint, precursor of behavioral tracking

Our company was the first to automate locomotor tracking of rodents, and has since stayed innovative leader providing/offering various apparatus and capabilities. In 1997 ViewPoint expanded the capabilities of our system to primate behavioral analysis. Our innovative status elicited a request for zebrafish larval analysis in 2001, in response to this request, ZebraLab came to life. Shortly after, ViewPoint expanded with an office in North America, where our first ZebraBox collaboration occurred at the Harvard University. In 2006 ViewPoint celebrated the opening of an office in Shanghai, making us accessible to our clients in Asia and offering worldwide coverage. 

Our products are applicable to virtually any behavioral experiment. Allowing researchers to use our products in any field, to study an unlimited number of topics. Our team of engineers bring a vast amount of technical knowledge, and work closely with our user community to offer advanced solutions.

Innovation is the core of our company. ViewPoint is recognized as a leader in the industry, and is the go-to resource for the best scientists looking for reliable video tracking solutions.


ViewPoint Product Offering

ViewPoint offers a complete solution for behavioral scientists. We are the chosen supplier by many top researchers, for our innovation and product offering. ViewPoint is a true partner in behavioral research, whether rodent, fish, or primates.