ZebraBox for embryos or Larvae


 New Zebrabox Revolution - 15 years of development with researchers

  • Start monitoring embryos from 36 hpf 
  • Adapted to all standard microplates (6, 12, 24, 48, 96)
  • Controllable white light source for light conditioning : Circadian cycleflash and light sequence control
  • Infra-Red backlit plate holder for extreme precision detection of the embryos and larvae
  • Light Heat Control - No heat is generated from the lighting sources, water circulation is not mandatory
  • Water flow system: pool, water input and output for long-term monitoring
  • Large experiment area and optimum air circulation
  • Direct observation of the subjects to avoid image distortion (no lens on top of the microplate)
  • Professional grade digital camera : - InfraRed high sensitivity

                                                              - High Frame rate up to 60 Frames /Sec

                                                              - High Image Definition

  • Included enhancement to zoom in up to an individual well level
  • Plug and play for an easy installation
  • State of the art integrated analytics
  • One year free on-line update
  • Complete onsite installation, setup and training
  • Technical support one year on site and internet remote support