Zebrafish PrePulse Inhibition & Sensorimotor Gating / PPI

Backed by years of research and development, ZebraBox Revolution brings state of the art observation and video tracking to your laboratory

It now features the ability to record very fast behaviors such as startle reflex and PPI analysis, revolutionizing the way you observe larvae in micro-well plates. You are now able to check behaviors that happen in few milliseconds !


Fast behavior recording and analysis has never been that easy to analyze thanks to the ZebraBox Revo and our software solution ZebraLab. A special device synchronizes the stimulus and the camera frames to allow an accuracy under 1 millisecond ! The ZebraBox is designed to have a perfect synchrnization of the sound stimulus over every well (less than 100µs).

Our solution provides you :

- A complete turnkey system including fast camera system recording at 1000 FPS and analyzing

- Automated analysis of C shape & S shape