The Hamlet Test ®

Analyzing an alert sign of Alzheimer’s disease, disorientation in familiar surroundings, in nontransgenic and transgenic mouse models

A learning task analyzing animals’ ability to familiarize with a complex environment and decidedly adopting an anthropomorphic approach. The Hamlet Test apparatus mimics a small village, comprising a central agora and streets leading to functionalized houses. Animals can be trained in the hamlet for days or weeks in groups, and their ability to orientate can be tested individually after short or long time periods, in normal or pathological conditions.

It gathers :

- A central agora and streets leading to functionalized houses
- Play in novomaze
- Run on activity wheel (distance traveled, speed)
- Interact with a congener
- Drink : liquid consumption – ml/animal
- Eat : food consumption – g/animal

Hamlet maze InfraRed mouse
Arm height (closed arm) = 25cm
Maximal Lenght = 150 cm

This infrared LED illuminated floor with a 200cm² working surface, is specifically designed to run the Hamlet test.
It allows a precise detection of the subject under the camera. Enable users to work with all different animal colors and in any light conditions.

 HAMLET test