Because Behavioral Ecotoxicology is necessary to the  protection of our environment and our health 



Small aquatic species are commonly used in ecotoxicology research to test chemical effects and detect toxins in water or air samples. Our high throughput systems enable to run automatically a screening and investigate the impact of environmental toxins and their related diseases on the behavior of airborne or aquatic species. How environmental exposures affect humans health and induces disease?

For a small animal as zebrafish, Medaka, fathead minnows larvaes ... etc Viewpoint offers the ZebraBox.

For bigger animals, The ToxmateLAB  is a product developed by ViewPoint. It is able to monitor multi-species behavior in a specific environment. ToxmateLAB is dedicated to research in laboratories.

This apparatus has been designed to track and record behavioral outputs of small living organisms, in high throughput. As well as to analyze and measure the toxic properties and impact of fluid on the behavior of small animals.