Visiobox - OKR for larvae

Visiobox - OKR for larvae

VisioBox is a component of ZebraLab and allows the automated observation and tracking of larval zebrafish visual behavior.

OptoKinetic Response test (OKR) and other tasks involving zebrafish vision may be automated using our solution.  Advanced applications requiring live interaction of the larvae with the screen such as "virtual prey capture" of paramecia can be performed as well.


Flexible and easy to use :

In a few steps, start monitoring the visual response of your animal in a stress-less environment.

VisioBox is a fully automated high-throughput system for automated analysis of the visual-oculomotor performance of larval fish.

Visual system performance is assessed on the basis of the OptoKinetic Response, which involves reflexive slow stimulus following eye movements alternated with rapid resetting saccades.

The VisioBox is a highly conserved, easily elicited and robust behavior that manifests even at very early stages of life, which makes it an ideal model for the investigation of visual system development.