Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Zebrafish

ViewPoint provides a complete solution to study the behavior of adult zebrafish with virtual reality. The aim of this test is to analyze how a subject reacts to different patterns displayed on 2 screens such as colors, images, shapes, videos...


It includes :

  • 2 screens of customizable size, resolution, frequency

  • Additional screens on-demand

  • Software for protocol definition and video synchronization


Potential tests :


  • Shoaling : how zebrafish swimming in a tank react to shoaling displayed on the screens, whether it will tend to get closer or the opposite, stay away

  • Visual acuity

  • Rewards : displaying a visual reward as an alternative of food reward

  • Place Preference

  • Social behavior



Can be adapted to our following solutions :

  • ZebraLab system (locomotion, activity quantization)

  • Zebrafish 3D tracking (top & side view camera)

  • Shoaling (up to 8 zebrafish)

  • Social contact

  • InfraRed backlight system 500mm

  • ZebraTower

  • Aquatic mazes (T & Y & Plus maze)

  • Water tank L=30cm * W=20cm * H=20cm


Virtual Reality fields of interest :

  • Social behavior

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Activity quantization

  • Learning and Memory

  • Autism