Viewpoint provide a complet turnkey solution to study Sleep & Awakening phases from your electrophysiological signal.

- SleepScore Software

-Sleep Deprivation System

The function of sleep, particularly the role of paradoxical sleep in memory consolidation: multi-level (behavior, network, cellular) investigation of the beneficial role of sleep in learning and memory is really important.

Neuronal mechanisms of the sleep-wake cycle identification of brain structures and their interconnections involved in the genesis, maintenance and homeostasis of sleep, especially paradoxical (REM) sleep in normal conditions and animal models of sleep disorders.

Sleep score is an analysis and scoring of sleep Software. It can import EEG and EMG signal and allows research, exploration, scoring of signals.

Main advantages compared to our competitors:
  • Noconfigurationrequired (self-learning)
  • Objective analysisof  states vigilance
  • High performance (rate of less than 3%error)
  • Many endpoints can be assess easily
  • Save time andcomfort forthe experimenter
  • Compatibilitywitha genericcapture card