Daphnia Activity Monitoring

Evaluation of toxic substances in water with image analysis

Daphnia is a well-known model for studies in ecotoxicology. When developing new compounds, it is always necessary to check for potential effects on the quality of water.

With a state-of-the-art image analysis system, ViewPoint is able to monitor the behavior of groups of daphnia dispatched in up to 20 tanks to ease HTS analysis for several hours or days.

The turnkey system includes the ZebraLab software package along with a dedicated chamber.

Results are as usual provided in comprehensive spreadsheets and charts.


Zoom on one well

Parameters such as distance swum, shape of the path, position in the tank, number of active organisms are analyzed in real time to bring evaluation data of the compounds.

The system can also be used to analyze samples of water coming from rivers, lakes, water treatment plants...