Eye irritation

ViewPoint is pround to introduce the state-of-the-art system to evaluate discomfort and ocular irritation.

Dedicated to all labs working on the development of new compounds to be in contact with eye (collyrium, eye drop), or likely to be accidently in contact with eye (shampoo, cream...).

A new method has been designed thanks to the use of earth worm together with a patented dedicated image analysis system.


Existing methods are known for estimating eye discomfort of a product such as a cosmetic product.

Among those methods is the in vitro culture of an epidermis model, the deposition of the product which is intended to be studied on a cultivated epidermis model, and the observation under the microscope of the epidermis model including the product for characterizing the eye discomfort of the latter.

Such a method, developed as a replacement for animal experimentation, has the drawback of being long and costly. Moreover, with this method it is not possible to obtain satisfactory results in terms of quantification of the eye discomfort of the product.

viewPoint new method and device provides a better estimation of eye discomfort of a product at a lesser cost.


Here below is a short video of a part of the test and diagram hereafter shows the results output for the test of 4 different compounds.