SleepScore is an analysis and scoring of sleep Software. It can import EEG and EMG signal and allows research, exploration, scoring of signals.


Sleep Deprivation for rodents

Sleep Deprivation system for rats or mice

OneiRos - Wireless Electrophysiological System

ONEIROS is miniaturized, low power consumption electrophysiological measurement system with incredible autonomy and embedded stimulation, designed to recording sleep. Developped by the Sleep Team of the CNRS Lyon, France, (Bertrand Massot, Sebastien Arthaud, Baptiste Barrillot, Johanna Roux, Gianina Ungurean, Pierre Hervé Luppi, Niels C.Rattenborg, Paul Antoine Libourel), ViewPoint is in charge of the industrialization and the sole source supplier. "ONEIROS, a new miniature standalone device for recording sleep electrophysiology, physiology, temperatures and behavior in the lab and field" An integrated vibrating motor can be used to assess arousal thresholds and perform selective paradoxical sleep deprivation. Abstract : Background Sleep is an inactive state of reduced environmental awareness shared by all animals. When compared to wakefulness, sleep behavior is associated with changes in physiology and brain activity. The nature of these changes varies considerably across species, and therefore is a rich resource for gaining insight into the evolution and functions of sleep. A major obstacle to capitalizing on this resource is the lack of a small device capable of recording multiple biological parameters for extended periods of time both in the laboratory and the field. New method ONEIROS is a new tool designed for conducting sleep research on small, freely moving animals. The miniature, standalone system is capable of recording up to 26 electrophysiological signals (electroencephalogram, electromyogram, electrooculogram, electrocardiogram), metabolic (3 temperature channels) and behavior via an accelerometer for several days. In addition, the device is equipped with a vibrating motor which can be used to assess arousal thresholds and to disrupt sleep. The system is available in telemetric or data-logger configuration useable in the field. Results To demonstrate the efficacy of this tool, we simultaneously recorded for the first time, electroencephalogram, hippocampal local field potential, electromyogram, electrooculogram, brain, body and ambient temperature, and 3D accelerometry. We also deprived rats of paradoxical sleep by triggering the vibrating motor after online recognition of the state. Finally, by successfully recording a pigeon in an 8 m3 aviary in a social context with the device in the logger configuration, we demonstrate the feasibility of using the device in the field. Link to publications :