Zebrafish Optogenetic & Optopharmacology : the 1st turnkey system

Optogenetic is a breakthrough technic in neurosciences research that is quickly adopted all around the world.

Researchers naturally asked ViewPoint how to implement such a tool for zebrafish larvae ; leveraging the advantage of the transparent nature of embryos and high-throughput capabilities of this model.

We have been working closely with researchers' teams across the world to bring a straight forward approach to high-throughput optogenetic screening. Thanks to expert teams of researchers at IGF Montpellier, Icrea Barcelona and Berkeley California, we are proud to bring you the new ZebraBox Revo add-on for Optogenetic & Opto pharmacology.

Thanks to the versatile nature of ZebraBox Revo, our community of users can easily adapt this technology to their current system and make it part of their pipeline.

Stay tuned for more upcoming information on Optogenetic with the ZebraBox. Or contact us to order your solution now.

Discover the ZebraBox apparatus and its many applications.

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