Conditioned Place Preference

Conditioned Place Preference (CPP)  is used to measure rodent behavior according to different floor textures, wall drawing.

The Conditioned Place Preference protocol uses an apparatus containing two compartments. These areas are designed for the purpose of the animal can discriminate between them.

ViewPoint CPP is compatible with our InfraRed light floor.

VideoTrack catches the behavior of your rodents into all compartments thanks to the specific material used and the back infrared light.

Conditioned Place Preference specification :

  • Walls and floors are either white, black, smooth or rough;
  • Removable floors
  • The roughness of materials is made of holes with different dimension
  • The laminated smooth or rough walls will be the thick expected
  • We provide removable prisms which changing the corners shape. It will be gray PVC, heavy
  • 2 black roof translucent to the infrared light will be provide