Marlau Cage

Environmental enrichment cage

 Marlau cage


Marlau offers the unique opportunity for research to standardize housing enrichment.

    Moving through a maze is motivated by the need to find food : water and pellets are placed in two separate compartments.
    Increased activity is encouraged by the enlarged exploration area and free access to running wheels.
    The maze is changed 3 times a week (12 configurations available).
    Social interactions are promoted by the housing together of a large number of animals (12 rats or 18 mice per cage). A red tunnel protects them from light during the resting period.


Environmental enrichment for rodents, combining novelty and complex inanimate and social stimulations, influence brain plasticity and protect against the effects of brain insult. We engineered the Marlau™ cages for rats and mice to standardize continual stimulation of cognitive function during enrichment procedures using mazes. These cages are composed of a ground floor comprising two compartments : G1 contains food pellets and G2 contains water bottles, and an upper floor where a maze is placed. To procure food, rodents must climb from G2 to the upper floor, cross the maze and go down to G1 via a slide tunnel. To drink, rodents must then use the one-way doors placed in the plastic wall that separates G1 from G2. Imposing such a path to procure food or water ensures that all animals have equal access to the different features of enrichment, cognitive stimulation being maintained by regular changes of maze configuration.

The Marlau cage is designed to standardize environmental enrichment for rodent by introducing new paradigms : Complexity, Activity, Novelty and Wellbeing.


- The rodents go through a compulsory path that includes a maze in order to reach both food and beverage.

- Each cage is delivered with : tunnel, nesting, stairway, 3 wheels, 3 bottles.

- Each set includes 6 mazes labelled from A to F.

- Size of the mice cage is: Length : 580 mm x Width : 400 mm x Height : 320 mm. Weight : 13 kg / wheel diameter : 12 cm

- Size of the rats cage is : Length : 800 mm x Width : 600 mm x Height : 510 mm. Weight : 25 kg  / wheel diameter : 20 cm

- Packaging included.