OMR Adult

OMR Adult


Define a specific environment projected around the Zebrafish using ZebraLab software:

  • ZebraLab customized software,

  • Projection of a light source in front of the Zebrafish,

  • Monitoring of the visual response of the fish,

  • Full control and adaptability of the zebra fish' environment (Stripes colors, number of stripes, rotating speed, half mask,…)

  • Adapt the environment to the subject's behavioral responses

  • Neutral density filters available


Locomotion outputs:
 Distance traveled into different type of speed ( Small/ Middle/ Large) defined by the user.
 Position (X;Y) and trajectory, Time spent in each Area (Unlimited number of areas),

  Entry count in each area of interest,
  Counting for each state (very small movement, small movement, ambulatory movement
 Time duration in each state ( small/ Middle / Large speed)
 Transition count of the states,
 Distance swum by the animal in each state,

  Full path of the animal throughout the test,
 Clock wise/Counter clockwise rotation count
 Path Angle Histograms:
 Path Angle (change in moving direction between analyzed position)
 Behavior classification with eight different class of angles
 User defined class angle

Data analysis in real time