OneiRos - Wireless Electrophysiological System


OneiRos System Configuration:

  • Oneiros Ephylab software licenses for Windows 10 Pro.
  • Real time recording and display up to 26 channels
  • Removable and reusable wireless transmitter connected to skull implant only during experiment
  • Headstage transmitters able to acquire:
          – 26 biopotential signals up to 8000Hz sampling rate
          – Three additional temperature monitoring channels
          – Accelerometer 3 axis (X;Y;Z) & global accelerations (± 2G) for postural and  activity assessment
  • MagicStick activation: Magnetic activation allowing the user to turn on or off the system
  • Digital signal receivers
  • Transmission up to 3m
  • Noise free signal
  • SmartID transmitter/received (no interferences)
  • Same transmitter can be used on any implanted animal

As an option, the device can be equipped with embedded stimulation such as vibrating motor which can be used to assess arousal thresholds, to disrupt sleep or conditional behaviour.

 OneiRos Modular telemetry system

WEIGHT: 4g without batteries

SIZE: 9x16x25mm