Operant Conditioning System

Intravenous drug self-administration, feeding behavior, Rat Gambling Task, 5-CSRTT, ...

ViewPoint is glad to present its new partner : IMETRONIC, which has been created in 1988, along with the needs of the French neuroscience labs to get automatic measurements of animal behaviors in vivo.

Imetronic is specialized in mechanics methods (plastics and metal manufacturing), electronics, and informatics development for all neurosciences research and behavioral studies on these applications.

  • Operant Conditioning : intravenous drug self-administration, feeding behavior, rat gambling task, 5-CSRTT
  • Anxiety – Depression : Vogel test, light and dark
  • Commutator and assistant ; Multi - Channel Liguid Rotary joint, rotation assistant, synchronisation with  EEG, combining optogenetics and self-administration
  • Customized Apparatus : make a request

The cage consists of a basic structure on which various accessories can be installed for rapid adaptation, space saving and economical evolution. We place the apparatus on mobile aluminum trolleys to save space and facilitate the manipulations of the experimenters.

Operant Conditioning System Features 


Detection of locomotor activity, rearings house light/cue light, several visible colors available, infrared lights retractable lever, pressure-sensitive automatic nose-poke (informatic control of the access of the nose-poke) pellet dispenser feeding trough with visit detection, which may be associated to several dispensers drinking trough equipped with a lickmeter, pump 5-CSRTT kit, drug self-administration kit : syringe-pump, swivel, movement compensator,… cabled grid and scrambled electric shocks generator 1-3 tones sound generator, white noise, PC sound, click video control and recording (to distinguish the actions conducted by several animals in the same apparatus).