Virtual Reality for rodents - Jet ball



  • Virtual Reality navigation
  • Electrophysiological and optogenetic methods
  • 2-photon laser scanning microscopy
  • Intracellular dynamics during virtual navigation
  • Operant conditioning
  • Learning and memory processes

Key advantages

  • Restrained animal performing voluntary behavior
  • Easy interfacing with electrophysiology setups
  • Retractable operant device for reinforcement: positive (water) and negative (air puff)
  • Common mazes or customized virtual reality scenes
  • Operant conditioning protocol



  • Third party custom micromanipulators available
  • Sensory stimulation: 3D sound system, fast-response odour generator, tactile stimulator
  • 200 mm ball for mice, 300 mm ball for rats
  • Custom programmed operant conditioning protocols and VR scenes
  • Base with motor-driven XY linear table for large area brain scanning with 2-photon laser