Virtual Reality Zebrafish

Virtual Reality Zebrafish

ViewPoint provides a complete solution to study the behavior of adult zebrafish with virtual reality. The aim of this test is to analyze how a subject reacts to different patterns displayed on 2 screens such as colors, images, shapes, videos...

Potential tests :

  • Shoaling : how zebrafish swimming in a tank react to shoaling displayed on the screens, whether it will tend to get closer or the opposite, stay away

  • Visual acuity

  • Rewards : displaying a visual reward as an alternative of food reward

  • Place Preference

  • Social behavior

Reproducibility, control, and precision are some of the ingredients for successful experiments. ViewPoint is developing cutting edge virtual reality systems based on ZebraLab software, allowing to fully control and adapt to the zebrafish environment. Adapting the environment to the subject's behavioral responses allows you to dive deeper into your behavioral paradigms.

Can be adapted to our following solutions :


Virtual Reality fields of interest :

  • Social behavior

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Activity quantization

  • Learning and Memory

  • Autism