ZebraBox for embryos or larvae

Automated observation and behavioral tracking of larvae zebrafish and zebrafish embryos.

ZebraBox: observation chamber for zebrafish larvae and embyros


The ZebraBox is a complete observation chamber device designed for the hightroughput analysis of  different types of zebrafish: danio rerio, medaka, fathead minnow larvae in multi well plates with a total control over the experiment environment

First ever observation chamber for zebrafish observation since 2005, ZebraBox is a component of ZebraLab software and has been designed for an automated observation and tracking of zebrafish larvae and zebrafish embryos. It is the outcome of 15 years of close collaboration and development with zebrafish researchers. 

The high throughput capabilities of ZebraBox combined with ZebraLab have proven to provide time saving methods when analyzing a few zebrafish larvae to 96 larvae simultaneously: 


Please Check out the following zebrafish protocol of Dr David A. Prober on Google Scholar: 



Review worldwide scientific publications mentioning zebraBox:




Total control of the experiment conditions :

Controlling the abiotic factors and experiment conditions has always been our main concern. More than 10 years of constant development of the ZebraBox lead to the best zebrafish behavior enclosure available on the market.

External factors can greatly influence behaviors of the fish, and this is why the ZebraBox allows a total control over those factors.

  • Double Anti-vibration systems : The ZebraBox feet and the microplate analysis area are mounted on patented anti-vibration systems, eliminating all external vibration sources (subway, road, people walking by, and other apparatus on the table…).
  • Cold Light Control : The ZebraBox lighting system is heat-free. Unlike other systems needing the water flow to cool down the apparatus, the ZebraBox do not heat up, even on very long experiments.
  • Strong light Stimulation : The ZebraBox white light can be controlled very accurately over 100 different intensity levels. Once the ZebraBox door is closed, subjects are sealed in totally dark conditions, all the outside light is blocked ZebraboxZebraBox from entering the equipment allowing total light control. Simulate day-night transitions for circadian cycle studies, trigger series of flash, create any light sequence you can think of and be in total control of the light conditions.
  • Direct Observation technology : The ZebraBox provides direct access and observation of the subjects at all time, offering the best image quality. Based on NASA mirror technology, the ZebraBox is not limited in resolution, unlike lens or other objects on top of the experimenting area which could cause image distortion, water condensation or interfere with the animal behavior. The mirrors can work with very high resolution camera, no image distrotion. They are therefore lifetime warranty. 
  • Soundproof : The special alloy of which the ZebraBox is made restricts external sounds from disturbing the analyzed subjects.

Moreover, many add-ons are available in order to fit your researches such as the fast camera, customizable top lighting for PhotoMotor Response or Optogenetic, shocker module, vibration module and temperature control unit, check them out !