PhenoRack specifications :

Software to design/manage automated behavioral experiments. Acquisition of data related to
behavior from live video and/or from recorded videos.

Measures animal Locomotion & Behavior in multiple cages at the same time. Movements are
classified into : low, normal and burst activity depending on the threshold you set. Count the
duration of those activities and summarize them in the results.

Rearing and feeding may be evaluated by calculating activity in zones. Distance traveled is given in the X and Z axis. That information is given for a single animal per home cage. If several animals are placed in the same
apparatus, the system will not give distance traveled.

Data generated at the end of an experiment are : XLS file with the figures ; RAW data ; AVI video file in MPEG 4.

Video files are in 320X240 at 25FPS. One separate AVI file is generated for each apparatus.

The Rack itself and shelves are not provided.