Rodent behavior tracking software

VideoTrack - rodent tracking software

The VideoTrack system for automation of behavioral experiments has come a long way since 1990. Thanks to our users' community in the pharmaceutical industry and universities, VideoTrack has evolved to an easy to use smart video tracking system able to automate complex mouse behavior analysis.

Originally designed for the locomotor activity test in mice,measurement of rodent locomotion & behavior, VideoTrack can be adapted to any type of maze or arena. VideoTrack novel object recognition test protocol is researcher’s top of the mind choice when it comes to perform open field exploration test, elevated plus maze test protocol, social interaction test, fear conditioning test etc ( see list below) 

 Visualize your experiment with intuitive heatmaps: 

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The wide range of tests include:

A multi-purpose software for mice behavioral tests 

Enabling  researchers to process behavioral data live with an automation system, the animal video tracking software keeps on matching the latest needs of  behavioral research with its contribution to about 1.500 research papers.Using VideoTrack appears as the most suited  behavioral data analysis tool for open field behavior test on rodent. Usually intended for assessment of spatial and learning and memory in rodents, signs of stress in mice, anxiety-related and exploratory behavior of rodents, researchers can also rely on the software to assess  behavioral activity  in insects, parasites, eisenia, tadpoles, drosophila and macro-invertebrates. 



  • User friendly data processing for your mice behavior test. 

The real-time image processing  makes it easy to track rodent position according to the movement parameters of your choice including: rodent coordinates,rodent speed, average speed, trajectories, jump.

  • Integrated system for behavior analysis

The Videotrack turnkey solution is coming with software and hardware ( workstation and camera) but IR light as well,Viewpoint offer the possibility to work with very bad light conditions or with low contrast between the background and the animal. The IR light purpose will overcome any light condition in your lab and allow the Videotrack system to get the best detection of the animal. You can also perform tests during the night.

  • custom made solutions 

Custom development is the way we improve our technology. You have the idea, we handle the skills and knowledge to make it possible.We use to work hand by hand with you researchers to build the most powerful robust technology.Please take a look at our latest innovation – The Hamlet test:



  • rodent catwalk activity

The rodent behavior software is often used for behavioral tests such as a locomotion assay to evaluate the neuromuscular abnormalities in mice or effects of pharmacological substances on mice behavior or wild rats.For more specific evaluation of catwalk activity please check out our catwalk machine to analyze precisely gait analysis: