Coumarins fromSeseli devenyenseSimonk.: Isolation byLiquid–Liquid Chromatography and Potential AnxiolyticActivity Using an In Vivo Zebrafish Larvae Mode

Abstract :

Different types of anxiety disorders have become the number one mental health issue indeveloped countries. The search for new, safer and effective drug-like molecules among naturallyderived substances faces two difficulties: an efficient method of isolation compounds with a high-purity and high-throughput animal model for activity assay. Thus, the aim of the present studywas to isolate by liquid–liquid chromatography high-purity rare coumarins from the fruits ofSeselidevenyenseSimonk. and evaluate their anxiolytic effect (defined as reversed thimotaxis) using a5-days post-fertilization (dpf)Danio reriolarvae model. Liquid–liquid chromatography enabled theisolation of one simple hydroxycoumarin (devenyol) and four pyranocoumarins (cis-khellactone,d-laserpitin, isolaserpitin and octanoyllomatin). The anxiolytic effect was defined as a decrease inthe time spent in the boundaries of the living space (also described as reversed thigmotaxis). Ourresults show that all isolated courmarins exerted a significant influence on the anxiety behavior(anxiolytic activity) in the zebrafish larvae model. According to our knowledge, this is the first reportof anxiolytic activity of pyranocoumarins and devenyol.

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