Zebra Aggression Box - ZAB

Aggression Monitoring Tool on juvenile zebrafish

The Zebrafish Aggression Box – ZAB is a brand new solution developed by ViewPoint in collaboration with Dr William Norton team (University of Leicester) to monitor aggression in one month-old juvenile zebrafish.

Our videotracking technology has been combined with a compact and practical cubical (50 cm each side) where up to 4 zebrafish can be placed and analyzed simultaneously. The system is lit with infrared for a perfect detection of the zebrafish.

The software detects fish aggression based upon the reaction of the fish facing its own image towards a mirror. It can automatically quantify zebrafish aggression and locomotion.

 Targeted applications:

→ automatic quantification can detect alterations to aggression levels caused by drug treatment or mutation

→ this solution is relevant to screen for drugs that decrease zebrafish aggression


→ validated software by comparison to manual quantification of behaviour

→ scalable system: ability to monitor an unlimited number of fish, allowing you to speed up your test. Indeed, you can work with as many cabinets as you want, which are connected to the same system.

 Outputs :

 → aggression Index: aggressive behavior pattern/intensity

  "The development of the Zebrafish Aggression Box has been supported by the European Commission Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°602805"